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Full Circle Reloading and Firearms is a full service gun store located in St. Charles, MO. We serve customers in the St. Louis area, throughout Missouri, and even nationwide. We are a reloading superstore selling reloading equipment and reloading supplies. If you are looking to load your own ammo to keep cost down, have unique ammunition for rare calibers, or are a high end sportsman looking for premium materials and components for competition, we have you covered.

While we specialize in reloading supplies, equipment, components, and knowledge. You can also shop our firearms – which includes handguns (revolvers and pistols), shotguns, and rifles, as well as firearm accessories, suppressors, ammunition, scopes, shooting bags, and gun cleaning supplies.

We are here to help you with all your firearm needs! We are all competitive shooters in a plethora of shooting disciplines so if we don't have what you need, we can get it. 

Allen Bennett

Allen "Bennito Supreme" Bennett started shooting competitively shortly after finishing his enlistment with the Marine Corp. Precision rifle very quickly became a passion and he started competing in PRS. After just a few seasons of competition he was highly ranked in the series. During the off season he trained in pistol and carbine to round out the "big three" styles of shooting. He specializes in precision rifle, reloading and personal defense firearms.

Sam Henderson

Sam "Hendo" Henderson comes from a long line of championship level shooting sports competitors. He grew up competing in NRA High-Power, eventually joining the U.S. Army and competing on The Marksmanship Team. After getting out of the Army Sam got into PRS, inevitably falling in love with the sport. That led to diving headfirst into reloading and other firearm platforms. He now specializes in the AR platform as a whole, and spends the majority of his free time building and shooting rifles.

Matt Boggess

Matt "Boogie Man" Boggess has been an avid shooter his entire life. He was raised in a competitive background and it was only natural that he started competition in the shooting industry. He became very passionate about about pistol and carbine shooting that spiraled into a competitive career in USPSA and 2-Gun. He has competed, and done so successfully in PRS and sniper matches as well. He specializes in pistol and carbine shooting and reloading.

Jesse Carr

Jesse "3-Star" Carr didn't grow up in a shooting atmosphere like the other employees, as living in New Jersey limited his access to shooting sports. He was exposed to the culture while enlisted in the Marine Corps which grew his interest. After moving to Missouri, he started competing in PRS and found that he loves the community the shooting sports provide. He started working for Full Circle as our "I.T." guy but found he loves the time on the range.