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Where all your firearm needs come Full Circle

Full Circle Reloading and Firearms has the largest selection of reloading equipment and supplies in the greater St. Louis Missouri area. Full Circle Reloading has something for everyone whether you are looking to load your own ammo to keep cost down, have unique ammunition or rare calibers, or are a high end sportsman looking for premium materials and components for competition. While we specialize in reloading supplies, equipment, components, and knowledge we have much more to offer as well! You can shop our firearms – which includes handguns (revolvers and pistols), shotguns, and rifles, as well as firearm accessories and  ammunition. We are here to help you with all your gun and ammo needs! 

Our team has approximately 200 years of combined reloading expertise and about 60 years of retail experience in the firearms industry. Because of this, we are able to offer our valued customers that old-fashioned, personalized attention you’ve come to expect from a locally owned and operated gun store. Our vast experience allows us to serve new shooters as well as hobbyist and competitive shooters from many different disciplines.

The FCR team is here to provide our customers with the knowledge, equipment, and components to make their own ammo for any type of shooting. If you are looking to improve your reloading skills we have the knowledge and experience to take you to the next level! Let our team of specialists help you!

Meet the fcR team

Our team has approximately 200 years of combined reloading expertise. Our vast experience allows us to serve new shooters as well as hobbyist and competitive shooters from many different disciplines.

Owner- Allen Bennett is a firearm enthusiast. He competes in Regional and National Precision Rifle Series matches, NRL 22 matches, and pistol matches. Allen’s extensive participation in the shooting sports has led to years of experience reloading ammo for his competition firearms. And, of course, this led him to the reloading experts at Graf’s Reloading in St Charles, MO where he became friends with the staff, and especially the owner, Mike Graf.

Graf’s Reloading in St Charles, MO had been serving the greater St. Louis area since 1978. In 1988 Mike Graf bought the store and then in October of 2020 Mike sold the assets of Graf’s Reloading to Allen. Mike quickly recognized the passion Allen had for the industry and was impressed by his extensive knowledge. Because of this, he knew Allen Bennett was the future of the reloading industry in the St. Louis area and so Mike trusted Allen to continue his family’s legacy.

Mike now works closely with Allen to assist and advise him on the firearms and reloading industries. Allen brings a wealth of knowledge to the team as an NRA range safety officer, long range instructor, reloading instructor, and passionate gun enthusiast. It is this passion that sustains and fuels the future of our industry!

General Manager- Craig Bischof comes to FCR  from his experience managing Graf’s Reloading since 1993. He is an avid deer, turkey, and rabbit hunter with decades of trap and skeet shooting under his belt. Craig is uniquely qualified to lead the Full Circle Reloading team. With 50 years of hunting, muzzle loading, and reloading experience under his belt, coupled with years of working food plots, farming, and wildlife management Craig is a consummate professional in the firearm industry.

Assistant Manager- Donn Schucker started at Graf’s Reloading in 2008 and has made the transition to Full Circle Reloading during the buyout. With over 40 years of reloading experience and a particular affinity for handguns, Donn has participated in extensive tactical training, as well as hunting hogs, deer, and various small game. As an NRA certified firearms instructor, range safety officer, and reloading instructor, Donn brings a wealth of experience and practical knowledge to the team.


Bill Voirol has been an avid shooter of handguns, rifles, shotguns, and archery all his life. As a deer, turkey, and small game hunter, Bill has enjoyed great success in the field as well as at the loading bench with over 40 years of reloading experience. Coming from Graf’s Reloading starting in 2008, he is now a full time employee and an indispensable asset to both FCR and our valued customers.


Gordon Warfield enjoys spending time at the range with handguns, rifles, and especially shotguns. With 50 years of reloading and shooting experience, Gordon is a former champion trap shooter and has brought a wealth of knowledge to our customers. Starting at Graf’s Reloading in 2012, he is now a valued member of the FCR team, and  is a huge asset to our store.


Whether you are interested in muzzle loading, bullet casting, reloading for precision benchrest or long range rifles, big game hunting, target shooting, trap, skeet, sporting clays, PRS, or handgun competition or hunting the Full Circle Reloading team of experts have you covered!

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